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Genealogical Research in Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic
Digital Photography
- Finding graves
Languages for correspondence: English, Slovak, Hungary, Czech and Germany
- Research historical information

- Searching for your relatives
- Research in archives in Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic
Slovak - English, Hungarian - English, Czech - English
Slovak - German, Hungarian - German, Czech - German

Jewish Genealogical Research

I offer collaboration with genealogists around the world :-)

I look forward to our cooperation

I would like to offer my services in the following areas:

-          Searching for ancestors in old registers in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary

-          Searching in the region of the foregone Austro-Hungarian monarchy

-          Retrieving old tombs and producing their photographs

-          Searching in the registers in the abovementioned countries

-          Cooperation on different projects in the field of genealogy

-          Searching for individuals, successors in various probate matters

-          Searching for individuals in the regions of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary

-          Translations in the combinations of Slovak, Czech and Hungarian language

-          Searching for the individuals of Jewish religion

-          Facilitating information about the history of villages and towns in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary

-          Determining the origin of immigrants, searching for family members of immigrants to USA, Canada and other countries from Czechoslovakia and Hungary, who stayed in their country of origin and subsequent facilitation of the contact details